The San Diego Zoo has a new baby Panda Bear. I didn’t find a public domain picture of him. Or her. You can go to their site and watch the Bear Cam. Baby is very active.
In zoos, Panda Bears are beloved by the people who take care of them. They are charming and sweet.
Panda Bears come from Southeast Asia. There are two kinds that I found pictures of, the Red Panda and the Black and white Panda.
Pandas eat leaves and bamboo for the most part. I read that they don’t do much because of the type of food they eat. Then again, they just might not want to do much of anything other than eat and sleep.

All of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons except for this first one. It was taken by Ailruropoda from English Wikipedia.

640px-Su_Lin_giant_panda_bear_cub_at_the_San_Diego_Zoo Airuropoda WGiant Panda  by, Rob Page III.

640px-1002AB02-TaiShan Rob Page III WCRed Pandas, also called lesser Panda. They are smaller and longer than the Giant Pandas. By, Nanaosmile.

640px-Pandas_Heidelberg Nanasmile WCAnother picture of a Red Panda  by, Kevin Law from Los Angeles, USA.

Flickr_-_law_keven_-_Wakey,_Wakey...sleepy_head.. Keven Law from Los Angelos WC.This is Ling Ling from the Ueno Zoo, Japan  by, Claire Houk from New York City, USA.

Ling_Ling_at_Ueno_Zoo Claire Houk from new yor city usa WCFrom Tiergarten, Vienna Austria  by, Manfred Werner.

640px-Ailuropoda_melanoleuca_Schoenbrunn_07-2008 Mafred Werner WCthis picture was taken by, Rachelthevegitarian.

640px-Bornintheusa Rachelthevegitarian WCThe last two pictures of Bao Bao were taken by, Times.

Berliner_Zoo_Bao-Bao_3 Times WCTimes WC