People who have rabbits as pets like them a lot. Rabbits are quiet, don’t get busy to the point of distraction and they are sweet beings.
There are a lot of different colors and kinds of rabbits. They do chew and can make their way though a variety of materials in short order. Rabbit proofing can keep one occupied for days.

Most of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons. I will use WC for those.

UVic_rabbits Jeffrey j Nichols WCBy, Jeffery J. Nichols, WC

640px-UVic_Rabbits Rubyk en wikiBy, Rubyk, English Wikipedia

Anderas de wikiBy, Andreas, English Wikipedia

Cinamon Kinijintje nl wikiCinamon  by, Kinijintje, Netherlands Wikipedia

Butterscotch Grace Castellano WCButterscotch  by, Grace Castellano, WC

510px-Bunny_in_zoo Tiia Monto WCBunny in zoo  by, Tiia Monto, WC

640px-House_Rabbit me WCHouse Rabbit  by, me, WC (not me, that’s the name of the author)

640px-OtisHavana Mjm91 WCHavana Rabbit  by, Mjm91, WC

This last picture has the name of the author that is not in English. The author is from Hong Kong, China, WC.
The caption is: Once, I thought she was dead, until I woke her up.

450px-Once_I_thought_she's_dead WC name not in en Hong Kong