If it’s sunny out, you can see what time of day it is by looking at a sundial. I am sure there is a very complicated explanation for all this, but I just like to look at a sundial and know what time of day it is.
There are lovely sundials in many parts of the world.

A drawing of the sun and a sundial. The sun casts a shadow straight down at noon. In the morning, the shadow is left of the center. In the afternoon, the shadow is left of center.

sundialAll of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

The first three pictures are by John Carmichael. He made these sundials and then took pictures of them.

This sundial is in Colorado Springs in Colorado, US. It is the Chinook Trails Monumental Obelisk.

450px-Chinook_Trails_Monumental_Obelisk_Sundial_by_CarmichaelThis is on a wall at a private house. It has a light bulb that goes on behind the face of the sundial when it gets dark.

640px-Kris5 John Canmichael WCThe third picture is called  Surprise Crossing granite sundial. It is in Arizona, US.

640px-Surprise_Crossing_Granite_Sundial_by_Carmichael WCThis sundial is at the Hisoey church in Norway  by, User:Friman.

user frimanThis picture was taken  by, Rami Tarawneh. It is Folke Garten, Bremen.450px-Focke_Garten_0003 Rami Tarawneh WCThis last picture is by, Jerome Villafruela. It is in Anduze, Gard, France.

386px-Anduze_Cadran_Solaire Jerome Villafruela WC