I was reading about the weather yesterday. There have been heavy snow storms out west and in the mid western parts of the US. A foot of snow or more has fallen in some places.
The National Park Service does alerts about weather and roads. Sometimes a road is closed. On some roads in the parks, you have to have snow chains to travel there.
I wondered how to get chains for cars and how to put them on.
You have to know what kind of chains to buy. If there’s no car owners manual, you can always ask at a place that works on cars.
The chains have to be put on the drive wheels. If a car is front wheel drive, you put the chains on the front wheels. On a rear wheel drive car, you put them on the rear wheels. I read that you put the chains on the front wheels of a four wheel drive vehicle.
Sometimes, four wheel drive vehicles are required to have chains in some parks. Sometimes the chains aren’t required if you have on snow type tires.
There are times when you need to stop alongside the road, get out the chains and put them on before you go any further. It is cold, maybe snowing and the ground is covered with snow. Sometimes it is also dark out.
Someone who knows will be putting on the chains. You can watch. If it is dark out, you could hold the flashlight while someone who knows puts on the chains. When it gets to the part where the car has to move forward to roll the tires onto the chains, you can be the guide. If the car goes to far forward, you can say, go back a little. If the car has to move back and forth to get the chains on right, you may hear some muttering inside of the car by someone who knows.

From wikiHow, I found step by step instructions on how to  put chains on a car. They have pictures and best of all, they numbered them.

Number One. They suggest that you do a bit of homework. Lay out the chain and read the instructions. It gives you an idea of how the chains should be put down on the ground when you have to put on them on in bad weather.

157px-Placed-down wikiHow 1Number Two. Get the car tire onto the chain.

184px-Link-chain-under-tiee-2 wikiHowNumber Three. Hook the chain together.

174px-Link-chain-detail-3 WikiHowNumber Four. Drive the car about a 1/3 mile and then tighten the chains.

184px-Tighten-link-chain-4 wikiHowAll of this is easier said than done. You can’t go fast when you have chains on the car. They say not to drive over 30 miles per hour. On snow packed roads, you wouldn’t want to be going  any faster, anyway.

This is a picture of a car with the chains on. It is a Honda and it is front wheel drive. The picture was taken by, Domintori, English Wikipedia.

DomitoriI found five pictures of National Parks when it first started snowing earlier this week. These pictures are by National Park Service.

First, is a rabbit having a sip of snow. This picture was taken in Canyonlands National Park in Southeastern Utah.

A-qKNMrCIAAtQN0canyonlands npsPlowing snow at the Grand Canyon.

A-fl6VzCQAEopr4 nps grand canyonAt Black Cayon National Park in Colorado.

A-GyG5sCcAA211v Black Canyon NP npsAt Capitol Reef National Park in south central Utah.

A-HJV1CCcAAC2mA Capitol Reef NPSAt the Dinosaur National Monument in Dinosaur, Colorado.

537748_575668419115144_383869681_n Dinosaur National Monument NPSThe last picture is a composite of images of the solstice by, International Space Station.
Upper left, 12/21/2010, winter
Upper right, 3/20/2011, spring
Lower left, 6/21/1011, summer
Lower right, 9/20/2011, autumn

sm solstice