Chipmunks are small, furry and cute as can be. They also chew and dig.
They are well known for digging up plants in a garden. They can dig up an amazing number of plants in a short time.
I have a picture from the US Forest Service of a building where chipmunks had been busy.

fig07 us fsThese are four pictures of the cute side of chipmunks. They are all from Wikipedia Commons.

This is by, Phil Armitage.

518px-Tamias_minimus Phil Armitage WCBy, Dew26m.

Chipmunk_210 Dew26m WCIn Manning Park, British Columbia  by, Socceronly.

449px-Chipmunks Socceronly WC Manning Park British Columbia WCThe last picture is by, Giles Gontheir from Canada.

640px-Tamia_striatus_eating Giles Gonthier from Canada WC