Polar Bears are beautiful, but fierce. They are nice to look at, from a distance or in a zoo. They live in cold regions.

The pictures are from Wikipedia Commons, except for the last one, which is from the US Navy.

The first picture is by, Michael Hafercamp.

Polarbeartrack-1 Michael Haferkamp WCBy, Alistair Rae.

Alistair RaeAt the Berlin Zoo  by, Moriel.

Osopolar WC Berlin zoo MorielChicago Zoo  by, Grzegorz Polak.

Grzegorz Polak WC Chicago zooAt Tiergarten  by, Ltshears.

387px-SwimmingPolarBear Ltshears WC tiergartenAt Churchill, Manitoba  by, Brocken Inaglory.

640px-Ursus_maritimus_mother_with_cub Churchill Manitoba Brocken Inaglory WCBy, Ansgar Walk.

640px-Eisbär_1996-07-23 Ansgar Walk WCThis last picture was taken at the rear of a submarine  by, Chief Yeoman Alphonse Braggs.

640px-Polar_bears_near_north_pole Chief Yoeman Alphonso Braggs US Navy