Kestrels are small falcons. There a variety of them, but it would hard to tell them apart unless you are familiar with the different kinds.
Kestrels can live with people. They have sweet natures and are for the most part, calm.

All of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

The first three pictures are by sannse. The first picture is a Kestrel with a Blackbird.

491px-Blackbird_and_Kestrel USer Sannse en wiki428px-Common_Kestrel_1 sannse WC712px-Common_Kestrel_2 User Sannse en wikiA lady Kestrel in flight  by, Glen Fergus.

Nankeen_Kestrel Glen Fergus WCBy, Andreas Trepre.

425px-Common_kestrel_falco_tinnunculus Andreas Trepre WCA Kestrel on the roof of a car in Boston, Massachusetts  by, RAS.

RASThe next and last four pictures are by, Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK.
You will see the bands around on the legs of the bird in these pictures. They are made of leather and they go around the ankle with straps hanging down. You hold the straps when the bird is sitting on your hand. This prevents the bird from getting hurt if he is startled and wants to take off. It also helps you from losing the bird if it wants to fly away.

508px-Kestrel_4_(5087150410) Tony Hisgett WCKestrel_1_(5086560607) Tony Hisgett WC481px-Kestrel_7_(5086544461) Tony Hisgett from Birmingham UK WCAmerican_Kestrel Tony Hisgett WC