We had some snow yesterday. It is supposed to stay below freezing today, so the snow won’t melt. It is windy and some  the snow will blow around. We are lucky. Some areas of the northeast got a lot of snow.

I found an assortment of pictures for the end of the year.

The first is of Mercury  by, NASA.

A_JCijBCYAAbv3Y MercuryFrom Pacific Islands, National Park Service. They took this picture of a something, they don’t know what. It could be a duck or a goose. They posted it on Twitter to see if anyone could identify it.

proxy Pacific Island NPSAlso from Pacific Islands, National Park Service, A full moon on December 27, 2012 over Hawaii.

proxy Hawaii 12 27 12  Pacific Islans NPSA picture by the US Navy.

proxyUSAFrom the USDA NRCS, a Southern Bumblebee.

proxy Southern Bumble Bee Clarence USDA NRCSThis picture was taken by, Timothy Hale, US Army Reserve Command. It is of a toy drop over Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

proxy toy drop Fort Bragg NC Timothy Hale US Army Reserve CommandIn Alaska, at the Mendenhall Glacier, they had wet, heavy snow. The picture is by, US Forest Service.

A_UsW8ICIAAIikd Mendenhall Glacier USFSThe last picture is taken at Marine Fox Company 2nd Battalion 7th Regiment rest center in Helmud Province, Afghanistan.

proxy Marine Fox Company 2nd Battalion 7th Regiment Helmud province AFgh.