Here in the US, we have some hours to go before midnight. Around the world, celebrations are starting.

Happy New Year to all.

Except for the first picture, all are from Wikipedia Commons.

A_JIdS7CUAEqbug us fs new yearsThe next two pictures are from Australia  by, Cedventure.

SONY DSCSONY DSCAt Hoech  by, Eva K.

640px-Feuerwerk_Hoechst_2009_1 Eva K WCIn Concepcion, Chile  by, parapente.

640px-Año_nuevo_en_Concepción CHile parapente WCThe last three pictures are from Times Square, New York.

This is the video display used so everyone can see when the ball drops. The picture was taken by, Replytojain.

480px-New_Year_Ball_Drop_Event_for_2012_at_Times_Square Replytojain WCCrowd scene  by, User Phier.

User Phier WCThis last picture is of the ball. It has LED lights. LED lights are light emitting diodes, like you see on a clock radio or watch. They use a lot less energy.
The ball has Waterford crystal panels to reflect the light. One panel has Dick Clarke’s name inscribed on it. He died and before that, he was known to do the announcing for New Years Eve.
The picture was taken by, Clare Criland.

472px-Times_Square_ball Clare Criland WC