Landsat 5 is an artificial satellite that sends images and data back to Earth from her orbit.
Landsat 5 is being retired. She has been having trouble and it’s time. Landsat 8 will be launched this year and I will do two posts on her.
I am doing a very basic post about this. As for more complicated information, you are on your own.

Landsat 5 was launched on March 1, 1984, for a three year mission. The launchpad was on Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

All pictures are from NASA.  I’m not sure who took pictures of the two scientific instruments that on display. It’s harder to get pictures of older NASA missions. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

dyk0013 launch landsat 5There are two scientific instruments on Landsat 5.
The Multispectral Scanners System scans the part of the Earth that the satellite is over.

This is what the MSS looked like before they put it into Landsat 5.

LE311L3 landsat 5 mssThis is one of the images that MSS sent back to Earth.

162t mss image landsat 5This is a picture of the Thematic Mapper. It is on display. It does higher resolution images that MSS.

LE311L15 landsat 5 tmIn 2006, Landsat 5 Thematic Mapper saw barrier islands that we didn’t know existed. There are 54 islands, about 335 miles long. They are located between the city of Sao Luis and the Amazon River in Brazil, along the Atlantic Ocean coast.

brazil 5This is a diagram of the network that Landsat 5 covers.

V2_I3_5 landsat networkThis last picture is a drawing of Landsat 5.