I am going to show a bit of the Danube River. It is a long river and it would take a ton of pictures to show all of it. It is located in Central Europe.

All the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

The maps.

This is by Shannon. I wrote the big blue names of the countries.

Danubemap Shannon WC all names

The Danube River begins in the Black Forest in Germany. I wrote Germany in green.

BlackForest-Position.nameThe river ends by draining into the Black Sea. This is a NASA Earth Observatory image.

535px-The_Danube_Spills_into_the_Black_Sea NASA EOA barge on the river in Germany  by, Lyn Gatelwy.

800px-A_barge_on_the_Danube germany Lyn Gatelwy WCIn Vienna, Austria  by, Lyn Gatelwy.

800px-Danube_River_hydrofoil_-a Lyn Gateley WC WeinA cruise ship in Bratslava, Slovakia  by, mbell1975.

800px-Danube_River_Cruise_Ship_-_Bratislava_Slovakia mbell1975 WCVukova port in Croatia  by, Peron.

Danube_port_of_Vukovar,_Croatia_(by_de.user.Perun) Peron WCI couldn’t find a decent picture in the public domain for Yugoslavia or Bulgaria.
This is on the border between Slovakia and Hungary  by, Miaow Miaow.

Danube_between_Slovakia_and_Hungary_near_Patince_2 Miaow MiaowThe last picture is of a river crane in Braila, Romania  by, Gabriel.

462px-Danube_river_crane,_Braila,_Romania Gabriel WC