Tasmania, Australia is having an ordeal with wildfires. I read that Australia is on the look out for fires.  May all stay safe.

This is a topographical map of Tasmania  by, Zamonin, Wikipedia Commons.

Topography_of_Tasmania Zamonin WC Satellite image of Tasmania  by, NASA.

480px-Tasmania.A2005320.2355.250m NASAThis is a picture of the sun when it’s quiet  by Canadian Space Agency.

proxy quiet sun Camillia SDO CSAOn December 31, 2012, there was an eruption on the sun. Picture is by NASA.

717272main_solar_dance_cropped_800-600 12 31 12On January 2, 2013, NASA took this satellite image of snow on the desert in China.

717022main_desert_snow_covered_cropped_800-600 china 1 2 13The Dawn spacecraft sent back images of the asteroid, Vesta. The first picture is of Vesta. The second is of a crater on Vesta. The third is a drawing of the Dawn spacecraft.

595402main_pia14894-43_800-600 Vesta asteroid714948main_pia16631-43_800-600 Vesta craterdawn NASAThe last picture is of the Earth  by NOAA.

noaa earth