The first thing I noticed about this mountain range is that it is mostly in California and not Nevada.
Two maps to show what I mean.

The first map is by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) US map of the states. I put the blue X on the state of California.

us_map EPA marksThis map shows the state of California with the mountains drawn in blue  by, John D. Dale, US Forest Service.

Sierra_Nevada_map John W. Dale US Forest ServiceThe Sierra Nevada Mountains are rugged. The Donner Party got stranded in them when the snows blocked the trail and they couldn’t go anywhere. They ran out of food. This is a famous pioneer party because of false claims that some of the party ate the others. That is for another post.

I will use WC for Wikipedia Commons.

The highest peak in the range is Mount Whitney  by, Stoutsenberger from San Gabriel California, USA, WC.

outsenberger from San Gabriel CA USA WCThis is an aerial view of part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains  by, Jeffrey Pang from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, WC.

400px-Sierra_Nevada_aerial Jerrfry Pang from Pittsburgh PA USA WC Kings Canyon National Park is in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is looked after by the National Park Service.
The Sierra Nevada Mountains are the longest mountain range in the US. They are around 400 miles long. The are about 70 miles wide east to west.

This is a NASA Earth Observatory image of the area.

NASA Sierra NEvada mountains

This is Angora Lake in California in the Northern Sierra Mountains  by, Bob Gries, WC.

Angora_Lake_-_California_Northern_Sierra_Nevada_Mountains Bob Gries WC

This picture of the mountains is by, Terabass, WC.

Sierra_Nevada-terabass Terabass WCThe rest of the pictures are in the Kings Canyon National Park.

This is Muir Pass  by, wetwebwork from London, UK, WC.

Muir_Pass wetwebwork from London UK WCKings River, South Fork  by, Joseph Cesara, WC.

KingsRiverSouthFork Joseph Cesare WCKings Canyon Waterfall by, Joseph Cesara, WC.

450px-KingsCanyonWaterfall Joseph Cesare WCThe next two pictures are of trees. The first is Giant Sequoia trees. The second is the General Sherman Tree. Both pictures were taken by Miguel v, WC.

200px-Giant_Sequoia_in_Grant_Grove_in_Kings_Canyon_National_Park Miguel Vieera WC205px-General_Grant_Tree_in_Kings_Canyon_National_Park Miguel v WCThis last picture is called, Moon over Tuolumne Meadows  by, Jon Sullivan, WC.

Moon_over_Tuolumne_Meadows_2004-09-05 Jon Sullivan WC