558300main_LDCM_logo_226This logo is used for the Landsat program. LCDM means Landsat Data Continuing Mission.
Satellite images have been around since 1946. Landsat 7 launched into orbit in 1999 and is still there. The satellite images I have here are from her.

This is a NASA satellite image of Belcher Islands in Southeast Hudson Bay, Canada.

belcheris_l7_2000222 Belcher Islands, SE Hudson Bay Canada
Landsat 8 is like Landsat 7 with some bells and whistles added.
I am going to do a basic post on this.
Part of this mission, which is for 3 years, is to measure the temperature of the land on Earth.
This is a drawing of finding the hottest spots on Earth, by NASA.

Finding_the_Hottest_Spots_on_Earth_by_Satellite_-_NASA_Earth_ObservatoryThe instrument that will do this is called Thermal Infrared Sensor, TIR for short.
I like pictures of parts. These are pictures of TIR.
The first picture is of the internal assemble of TIR.

TIRS internal assemblyThis is what TIR looks like before they put it into the spacecraft. First is a drawing of it, second is the part itself. Third is technicians working on it.


sm TIRS0landsat thermal partI have to say that I got highly confused about which part was which. This is normal to me.
TIR will be used to record surface temperatures. One thing it will be doing is sensing the different temperatures in the states in the US that have large crops fields. This has to do with the amount of irrigation used for the crops. There is a lot of irrigation for crops and the temperature of the irrigated land is different that the dry land. It will also help with sensing drought areas.

This is a picture of pivot irrigation from US Department of Agriculture.

usda pivot irrigationA picture of wheat fields in Ukraine  by, Raimond Spekking, Wikipedia Commons.

640px-Wheat_fields_in_Ukraine-5965 Raimond Spekking WCCorn field in Ohio. Ohio is a state in the US. By, graylight, Wikipedia Commons.640px-Corn_field_ohio graylight WCAnother major part is called Operational Land Images, OLI. This will be able to take pictures of Cirrus clouds and coastlines as well as land images.

A schematic of OLI.

schematic OLIThis is a drawing of what OLI looks like when it’s put together.

OLI imstrumentOLI by itself before being put into the spacecraft.

complete OLIThis is a picture of Cirrus clouds in the background with a regular camera  by, Dave Young from Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand, Wikipedia Commons.

Circus_approximans Dave Young from Coastal Taranaki NZThis is a picture of Monti Cristi coastline, Dominican Republic. It was taken with a regular camera. There wasn’t a photographer’s name given. It is from Wikipedia Commons.

640px-Monte_Cristi,_Coastline Dominican Republic no author WCA picture of the two instruments together in the lab.

Both instruments on boardAfter Landsat launches on February 11, 2013, I will post pictures she sends back. I use universal time. In California where they will launch her, it will be the 10th.

This is a parts drawing of Landsat 8. The rectangular thing on the right is the solar array that will capture sunlight to power the spacecraft.

image_gallery landsat part alone

This last picture is a drawing of Landsat 8 in orbit around the Earth.