I was thinking about young birds that are out of the nest and into the world.  When I looked at pictures of young peacocks and peahens, I noticed something that I had taken for granted without thinking about it.
If you see a young version of a peacock, you would have trouble recognizing him as a peacock. This is because the youngsters are brownish in color. The young ones are cute as little buttons.
The coloring of a lot of young birds who aren’t able to be on their own is dull. I figure that the bland colors help them be protected from predators. The little birds blend right into their natural backgrounds.

All of the pictures are from Wikipedia Commons.

This first picture is by, Ann Harrison. She called the little peacocks pealets. That is the best name for them. I wish it would come into standard use.

Ann HArrison pealetsBy, 4028mdk09.

Pfauenküken_auf_Sommerwiese 4028mdk09By, EVO.

444px-Baby_peacockEVO WCMr. Peacock is full of bright color when he grows up. By, 10mpx cg.

SG100359 10mpx cg WCMrs. Peahen has muted color.  By, Postdif.

400px-Pavo_cristatus_in_Barbados_Wildlife_Reserve_05 Postdif WCThis picture of Mrs. Peahen and child refutes my theory. By, cuatrok77 hernandez.

Peacocks_777 cuatrok77 hernandez WCThe rest of the pictures show mother peahens and children.

By, Tangopaso. At Zoo, d’Attilly.

450px-Chicken_of_peacock_(zoo_d'Attilly)Tangopaso WCBy, Eryn. At the Calgary, Canada Zoo.

800px-Pavo_cristatus_-Calgary_Zoo_-female_with_chicks-8a ERyn WCBy, Hugh Veables. He also called the chicks pealets. It’s catching on.

Peahen_and_pealets_-_geograph.org.uk_-_222080 Hugh Veables WCAt the Zurich Zoo, Switzerland  by, Winkleboehner from Sxhwietz.Pavo_cristatus_-Zurich_Zoo,_Switzerland_-mother_with_chicks-8a Winkleboehner from Schwietz WCThis last picture is also by Ann Harrison. The caption is: Baby it’s cold outside. Parent and children are stepping very carefully so that they don’t slip.

Baby_it's_Cold_Outside_-_geograph.org.uk_-_1627299 Ann Harrison WC