First, Australia is on alert for wildfires. They have high heat, winds in places and it is dry.
This is an image by Chris Hadfield, Canadian Space Agency, aboard the International Space Station. He took this picture of Australia a few days ago.

BAGq30JCQAAAoNS OZ HAD ISS CSAThe Australian Bureau of Meteorology had to add a new color to their weather map because it has been so hot. They added the color purple for the hottest temperature. This map is from them.

large au new weather map au bureau of meteorologyNorth American River Otters weigh in at around 30 pounds as adults. They are versatile in that they swim, run on land and can handle warm and cold weather. They have their burrows near the edge of water.

This is an otter swimming at the Oregon Zoo  by, User Cacaphoney, Wikipedia Commons.

640px-RiverOtterSwimmingOregonZoo user Cacaphony WCTwo otters on marshland  by, Jim Leopold, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

640px-Nordamerikan_fischotter Jim Leopold US FSWThese otters are in Quebec, Canada  by, D. Gordon E. Robinson, Wikipedia Commons.

640px-Raft_of_River_Otters D Gordon E Robinson WCTwo otters  by, Dmitry Azovtsev, Wikipedia Commons.

530px-LutraCanadensis_fullres Dmitry Azovtsev  WCTracks of otters in snow  by, Cephas, Wikipedia Commons.

Lontra_canadensis_snow_tracks_1 Cephas WCOtters can walk and slide on ice. By, National Park Service, Rocky Mountain.

NRiverOtter23 Rocky Mountain NPSA close up of an otter  by, Ken Thomas, Wikipedia Commons.

River_Otter-27527 Ken Thomas WCThis last picture is of an otter at the Buffalo Zoo, New York, USA  by, Dave Pape, Wikipedia Commons.

563px-River_Otter_-_Buffalo_Zoo Dave Pape WC