In the northeast US, this is a dull time of year as far as plants and trees are concerned. The leaves are all gone off the trees and bushes that have leaves that fall off in autumn. The grassy areas are still a bit green, but not pretty. It is cold and dreary.
This is great time to look at seed catalogs. You can browse for hours and pick out what you want to order.
I have pictures of some root vegetables that can be grown in this area as well as other places.
The pictures are all from Wikipedia Commons except for the first two. They are from the US CDC, Center For Disease Control.


CDC_horseradish CDCParsnip.

CDC_parsnip CDC WCThese are Detroit Red Beet seeds. The captions said it takes 8 months from planting the seeds to harvesting the beets. By, Downtowngal.

Beet_seeds Downtowngirl WCThese are Detroit Red Beets  by, BriannaWalther.

398px-Detroitdarkredbeets BriannaWalther WCScallions in a market  by, Daderot.

640px-Scallions_in_supermarket_-_DSC04974-001 Daderot WCThese are potatoes in New Zealand. Potatoes do well her in my area. By, Nzfauna.

576px-Ulluco Nzfauna WCPotatoes and radishes from the garden of Leithh, who also took the pictures.

Vegetables_potatoesLeithh WCWhite and red radishes  by, Julo.

Rzodkiew2Rzodkiewki radishes Julo WCThe last picture is of baby carrots  by, wagatsuma.

Baby_Carrots_2 nannao wagatsuma WC