First, there are two images from the NASA Earth Observatory of the wildfires that were in Tasmania.

tassmokeThe Canadian Space Agency has been busy with the International Space Station. Chris Hadfield has taken photos from there.

The Saudi Desert with a large lava flow.

BAaLe0oCAAE5WCf Saudi Desert CSA ISSThis was about combustion. I don’t understand it, but it’s a pretty picture.

A_7v5vGCAAAvKNA ISS ResearchA bit of the moon. The gold is a solar array.

BANFsEpCAAA-fva ISS HadAurora.

BAaErRBCQAErDAU CSA ISSBack to NASA. Mars Science Laboratory took images of herself and here’s a composite of all those images. The two flaps in the front, cover her hoppers on the SAM. The SAM does rock and soil analysis.

713258main_pia16457-43_800-600 C wide viewCuriosity tested her dust brush. Here is the result.

BAC2UJ-CQAAB40u C brushed rockThis last picture is of the sun this past week. A couple of weeks ago I had a photo of the sun in a post that showed one little sun spot. They spots come and go frequently.

proxy sun spots NASA