I found an International Space Station photo taken by Thomas H. Marshburn of Crater Lake. The lake stands out from even that height above the Earth.

BAiLT_NCQAAWe1F ISS Thomas H. Marshburn Crater Lake OregonThis made me wonder about this lake that I knew nothing about.
Crater Lake is in a National Park, managed by the National Park Service. It is the only national park in Oregon.
The two maps. The first is the EPA ( Environmental Protection Agency)  US map of the states. I drew the blue line around the state of Oregon.
us_map EPA OregonThe second map is of the county in Oregon where the lake is located, It is called Klacmath County. It is in the South Central part of the state. This map is from English Wikipedia.

Map_of_Oregon_highlighting_Klamath_County.svgSome facts about this lake.
It is called a caldera. It’s in the Mazama volcano that erupted and erupted a lot. The top of the volcano, before it erupted, sank way down into the inside. It is not a crater from magma spewing out and leaving a hole int volcano. The inside of the volcano collapse. It is more complicated than that, but beyond me. If you want to know the details, you are on your own.
The water partly fills this hole. The average depth is 1,148 feet. The maximum depth is 1.949 feet.

This is a bathymetry survey by the US Geological Survey, Department of the Interior.. In other words, it shows the different depths of the lake. The colors show orange as less deep, to blue which is very deep.

Mazama_bathymetry_survey_map USGS InteriorThis is Crater Lake National Park  by, NASA. The outstanding fact about the lake is that is such a deep blue and clear.

Crater_Lake_National_Park,_Oregon NASAThis picture shows a wall of the lake  by, National Park Service.

Crater-lake-np NPSThe rest of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons. I have been writing Wikipedia Commons and that’s wrong. From now on I will write the correct name. I figure it’s better late than never.

This shows the whole lake  by, Zainubrazvi.

Crater_lake_oregon Zainubrazvi WCHere is Crater Lake in winter  by, WolfmanSF.

Crater_Lake_winter_pano2_0.5 WolfmanSF WCThis is Wizard Island in the lake  by, Stuart Seeger from San Antonio, Texas, USA.

640px-Wizard_Island_in_Crater_Lake_National_Park_-_Oregon_2008 Sturt Seeger from san ANtonio Texas USA WCThis picture shows Phantom Ship Island  by, Yvette Burling.

640px-Phantom_ship_island  Yvette Burling WCThis last picture has the caption, Stellar’s Jay at Crater Lake  by, Michael Sulis.

Stellar's_Jay_at_Crater_Lake Michael Sulis WC