The two types of squirrels I am familiar with are gray and red. Around here, we see gray squirrels Gray Squirrels are bigger than red ones. They also can travel at seems to be the speed of light. Red Squirrels, travel at the speed of a turtle.
Squirrels are cute. They don’t like you bothering them.
Gray squirrels can be destructive. If one or more gets into an attic of a house, they can cause major damage. Getting them out of there is a job for a pest control professional. It isn’t easy. They can have different access points and it is frustrating, to put it mildly.

I found two different types of red squirrel pictures. The North American has little rounded ears. The Eurasian, don’t quote me on that name, has a tuft between his or her ears.

The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

This first picture is by Edward Simpson and was taken in the Lake District.

640px-Red_squirrels_warning_signs,_Lake_District Edwar Simpson WCBy, Tony Hisgett.

456px-Red_Squirrel_1c Tony Hisgett UK WCBy, Don.

Red_squirrel_400px Don WCBy, Fotograf Darkone77.

Fotograf Darkone77 WC red SquBy, D. Gordon E. Robinson.

480px-Red_squirrel D. Gordon E. Robertson red squ WCBy, Giles Gunthier.

640px-Red_Squirrel Giles Gunthier WCBy, Gacopryz.

Jumping_red_squirrel Gacopryz WCThis last picture is by, Lindsey Trostle.

Swimming_red_squirrel Lindsey Trostle WC