A lot of domestic cats like catnip.
Catnip, in this area of the northeast is a perennial, which means it can survive winter and return in the spring.
As I was looking around for pictures, I found out about two things I hadn’t thought about before.

All the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.
I’ll start with cats. I read that domestic cats may, at least it is thought,  descend the African Wild Cats.

African Wild Cat  by, Sonelle.

AfricanWildCat Sonelle WCDomestic cat  by, Leveetated.

412px-A_domestic_shorthair_tortie-tabby_cat Leveetated WCI don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t know which cat was domestic and which was wild.

These are pictures of domestic cats.

By, Lady Lightning.

Listen,_do_you_want_to_know_a_secret Lazy Lightning WCBy, Luiclemons.

Carrufo_1 Luiclemons WCBy, Pusleogpixl.

2_x_mis Pusleogpixi WCCat’s whiskers are the width of his or her shoulders. They can walk and tell if they can get though a tight spot by their whiskers. This picture is by, David Corby.

640px-Kittyply_edit1 David Corby WCThe second thing I found out was that Spearmint plant leaves look like catnip. Not only that, the flowers on these two plants also look somewhat alike.

Spearmint leaves  by, Tu7uh.

640px-PudinaMalaysia Tu7uh WCCatnip leaves  by, Calliope.

Catnip_,_Nepeta_cataria Calliope WCSpearmint flowers. I didn’t find a photographer’s name.

Flowers_of_the_spearmint no author WCCatnip flower  by, Jon Sullivan.

450px-Catnip-blossom Jon Sullivan WCIf you don’t know what any plant is, ask someone who knows and don’t touch it. It is wise to be careful with unknown plants.

This last picture is of the result of a domestic cat who has been into the catnip  by, Montrealais.

Catnip-effects montrealais WC