Lately, the temperatures have been moderate around here, that is, until this morning. It was cold, in the 20’s F and quite windy. I ran an errand and my eyes teared and my nose ran. It will moderate for a few days and then get very cold.
I heard on the radio that Heathrow Airport in UK is closed due to snow. That makes things difficult for people who need to take planes.
Fog leaves moisture on everything. It is hard to see and if driving a vehicle, very hard to see other cars. You have to use regular headlights in fog. If you use the brights, you can’t see as well.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons. Except for one which I’ll label.

By, Thermos.

FogRoad Thermos WCIn Nederlands  by, Kareldemeulemeester, nl. wikipedia.

Steverl12 Nederlands Kareldemeulemeester at nl wikipediaIn Croatia  by, istra1977.

634px-Fog_in_winter_port_in_Osijek Croatia istra1977 WCAllegh Port Railroad in Gallizin, Pennsylvania  by, National Park Service.

BAbERroCAAAhNgX Allegh Port RR NHSBy, Migel1301xm.

640px-Niebla-guadarrama Migel1303xm WCWicklow Mountains, Ireland  by, Sarah777.

640px-WinterFog in Wicklow Mtns Ireland Sarah777 WCEastern slopes of Twyn Du  by, Jonathon Billinger. Jonathon Billinger WCAchensee, Tirol, Austria  by, Fredrich.

398px-AchenseeWinter01 Fredrich WC Tirol, AustriaBy User: Malene.

640px-Rimtaage User Malene WCThis last picture was taken in llsan, Korea  by, Dalgial.

640px-Fogs_at_night IIsan Korea Dalgial WC