Seashells are homes to sea animals and they are also works of art. There are so many different kinds of shells that you couldn’t get tired at looking at them.
I picked pictures of shells on sand, in nature, rather than on display. All the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Alessio Sbararo.

640px-Conchiglie_Seashells_01 Alessio Sbaararo WCBy Martins, Tito.

Martins TitoBy, JDavid.

Mrzezyno_Cerastoderma_glaucum_shells_2010-05_A JDavid WCThe next two pictures are by Wilfredor.

Seashell_unknown_2 Wilfredor WCSeashell_unknown Wilfredor WCBy, Andy Cowley.

640px-Ansates-pellucida-01a  Andy Cowley WCBy, Goatchurch.

GoatchurchThis last picture is by, Graham Saunders, taken in Scotland. It is the same kind of shell as the picture above. The shell is called Flame Shell.

Flame_Shell_-_Scotland Graham Saunders WC