Erie Pennsylvania has been have a record amount of snow lately. The Lake that the snow is coming off of is Lake Erie.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

A map of the Great Lakes region in the US  by, Phizzy.

500px-USA-Lake-Effect-Snow-Areas.svg png Phizzy WCThese are two diagrams explaining lake effect snow. The first is by Andreas 06. The second is by, Tomsulcer.

500px-Lake-derived-snow.svg png Andreas 06 WCLakeEffectSnow Tomsulcer WCThese are three satellite images by NASA. The first is the Great Lakes. The second shows past snow at the Great Lakes. The third is Lake Erie.

Great_Lakes_from_space_crop_labeled WCsat glLake erie 4-8-09This is from NOAA. It is Lake Erie, January 22 2013.

jan22_sat_buf erie 2013This is a past picture of Lake Erie  by, GandZ.

user GandZ WCThis is a picture of Buffalo, New York in 2001. They got 82.3 inches of snow that year from December 24 to December 28. It is by, Mockba2 1999, English Wikipedia.

Buffalo2001-20 Mockba2 1999 en wiki WCThe last picture is of Fulton, New York in 2001. They got 4 feet of snow between January 28 and January 31. It is by William Sutherland.

Fultonles William Sutherland WC