Tomorrow we are supposed to get that they call a wintry mix in the morning. That is a mixture of sleet, snow and could have some freezing rain. It will go over the freezing mark and turn to all rain in the afternoon.
I found some pictures of wintry scenes at national parks and from a national forest. They are from the month of January, this year.

The Map.
US map of the states by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

us_map EPAIt’s a good thing that these national parks in big states, because you can see the abbreviations for the state names. I’ll say what state each park is in, so you can see it’s location.

In the labels, I’ll use NPS for National Park Service.

The first picture was taken in the Arches National Park. The picture was taken by NPS. The park is in Utah (UT). Utah is turquoise a couple of states up from the bottom of the map.

BBU9EXVCcAAOiOD Arches National Park NPSThis sunset was seen at Carson National Forest, US Forest Service, US Department of Agriculture in the state of New Mexico (NM). the picture was taken by the US FS USDA. On the map, New Mexico is aqua and is on the leftish side at the bottom.

proxy Carson Ntl forest nf in sangresThey had visitors and could see the tracks in the snow at Canyon Lands National Park. The picture was taken by NPS. This park is in Montana (MT). On the map, Montana is medium blue, at the top and a bit to the left.

BBZ4JZkCIAEbJIC canyonlands npsThis picture was taken by NPS in Lava Beds National Park in California (CA). California is way over on the left and is lime green.

BBk62ImCUAE4BBD Lavabeds nps sunsetAlso in California, these two pictures were taken by NPS in Joshua Tree National Park. They wrote that is was unusual to have this much fog there in January. The second picture was taken on Ryan Mountain.

proxy Joshua Tree nosproxy Joshua Tree nps Ryan MountainHere is a picture taken in Pacific Island National Park in Hawaii (HI) by NPS. Hawaii is in the box at the bottom of the map and is purple. It has those little islands. This picture was taken on January 1, 2013.

NPS Pacific Ilands Hawaii 1 1 13

This picture is from Canada Parks and it is not on the map.

proxy Canada Parks

The last three pictures were taken in Denali National Park by NPS. The park is in Alaska (AK). Alaska is in the left box at the bottom of the map and is greenish.

proxy Denali National ParkBBacf0ICQAAIBHk Denali Ntl Park hoarfrost NPSBBlIS61CYAAYFRF Denali Nat nps aurora