It just started snowing here. It should be going from snow, to sleet to rain. A sloppy day.

There are a lot of different kinds of Pitcher plants. They look different from each other. One thing the have in common is that they attract insect and have them for dinner. The insects don’t have a chance once they are close to the plant.

I found pictures to show how some of the plants look. The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Eric Guinther.

317px-Palau_pitcher_plant Eric Guinther WCBy, arpingstone.

320px-Kew.gardens.pitcher.plant.sarracenia.arpBy, Cleo Mario Sialongo.

320px-Pitcher_Plant_Philippines Kleo Mario Sialongo WCBy, Barbara Page.

320px-Pitcher_plants_in_the_Linn_Run_bog. Barbara PageBy, JerimiahsCPs.

450px-Nepenthes_muluensis JeremiahsCPs WCBy, Benjamin Evans.

Kew_Gardens_006 Benjamin Evans WCBy, NOAA.

Fairhope-Alabama-Weeks-Bay-NERR-pitcher-plants NOAAThis last picture is by, David Eikhoff.

Sarracenia_Judith_Hindle_(5964475729) David Eickhoff WC