If you get to go anywhere in the Canadian Rockies, you will be in for a wondrous. You will be seeing majestic panoramas. These mountain ranges and lakes make me wonder about how the Earth has so many beautiful places.

The pictures are from Wikipedia Commons. I will label those that aren’t.

The Maps.

This is a map showing North America  by, Bosonic dressing.

Location_North_America.png Bosonic dressing WCThis map is based on a USGS background. The relief map of the Canadian Rockies was done by Oyn.

508px-Canadian_Rockies Qyd WCThis is a satellite image of North America by NASA.

North_America_satellite_orthographic NASASelwyn Range in the Canadian Rockies  by, Rufus Hawthorne.

Selwyn_Range,_Canadian_Rockies Rufus Hathorne WCRingrose Peak. The only name of found was a user name and that is Geoffl.

450px-Ringrose peak Geoffl WC userThe glacier at Lake Louisein  by, Harvey Berrison.

640px-The_Glacier_at_Lake_Louisein_the_Canadian_Rockies Harvey Berrison WCAlso by Harvey Barrison, Lake Louise. It’s the same lake as above, but with the English name.

640px-Canadian_Rockies_-_Lake_Louise Harvey Barrison WCMount Robson  by, Michael Konen.

640px-Mount_Robson_08122005 Michael Konen WCLake O’Hara  by, John Johnson.

640px-Lake_O_Hara_from_Yukness_Ledge_Alpine_Route John Johnson WCThis last picture is of Berg Lake  by, Olivier pilot.

640px-Berg_Lake_Canadian_Rockies Olivier pilot WC