Alpacas are considered domesticated herd animals. I have seen a group of alpacas around this area. This would be called an alpaca farm.
Alpacas are known for their fleece. It is made into yarn. Scarves, blankets and such items are made from it, like wool is used.
I was told that llamas spit, but not alpacas. I read that alpacas spit. If I’m ever around alpacas, I’m not taking any chances. I will keep my distance. If you ever get spit upon by a llama, camel or alpaca, you won’t forget it. It stinks.

All the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The first picture is of alpaca wool  by, Damast.

Alpaca woll Damast WCBy, mitchm.

640px-Parinacota_volcano mtchm  WCAn unshorn alpaca  by Johann Dreo from Chateau-Thierry, France.

Unshorn_alpaca_grazing Johann Dreo from Chateau Thierry France WCBy Margoz.

Vicugna_pacos_Toruń Margoz WCBy Phillipe Lavole.

640px-Alpacas Philippe Lavoie WCBy, Christophe Meneboerf.

640px-Alpacas_Sillustani_( Christophe Meneboerf WCRose Hill Farm in the state of Ohio  by, Brian0918450px-Rose_Hill_Farm_Alpaca_02 Brian0918 WCThis last picture is by Notnoisy.

KnapperAlpakka Notnoisy WC