On February second, every year, there is a tradition called Groundhog Day. A groundhog is supposed to come out of his burrow and either see his shadow or not see his shadow. If he sees his shadow, it is supposed to mean six more weeks of winter. If the day is cloudy and he doesn’t see his shadow, it’s supposed to mean an early spring.
The most famous groundhog for this event is called Punxoutawney Phil, in Pennsylvania. There are other groundhog day places as well.
This has become a media event. It seems that everyone enjoys it, except for the groundhog. The groundhog doesn’t come out of his burrow on his own. He is lured by artificial means to do this. I am sure the groundhog would rather be left alone.
As a word of caution, groundhogs, as a rule, don’t like you bothering them.

Al the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Shuvaev.

Pennsbury_Manor_Groundhog_02 Shuvaev WCBy, Marumari.

640px-Groundhog-Standing2 Marumari WCThis picture had no name.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe next two pictures are by EIC. The second one has a black squirrel in it.

640px-Groundhog+2chips EIC WCGroundhog_&_chip_&_black_squirrel EIC WCThis is the last picture of young groundhogs  by, Wobbyball.

Groundhogs Wobbyball WC