I have never seen a black squirrel. In fact, I didn’t even know that they existed. I saw one in a picture I used in yesterday’s post.
Live and learn.
Black squirrels are gray squirrels. The only difference between a black squirrel and a gray squirrel is that the black one is black. I did read that black squirrels seem a bit more aggressive than gray squirrels. I doubt this. Gray squirrels are aggressive. If someone isn’t used to gray squirrels, then black squirrels would seem feisty. Red squirrels are less so.
As far as squirrels go, in general, don’t you be bothering them.

The pictures from Wikimedia Commons, I will label as WC.

By, OLU, WC.

450px-Black_Squirrel_in_Butts_Close,_Hitchin_-_geograph.org.uk_-_989806 OLU WCBy, tree species, WC.

Black_Squirrel_(Sciurus_carolinensis)_-Canada tree species WCBy, Jina Lee at English Wikipedia.

640px-Black_squirrel Jina Lee at en wikipediaBy, JaGa, WC.

640px-Black_squirrel_in_Santa_Clara_CA JaGa WCBy Sujit kumar, WC.

Black_Squirrel Sujit kumar WCBy, Arnold C, WC.

640px-Buchanan-squirrel Arnold C WCBy, Dickbauch, WC.

Squirrel_2_db Dickbauch WCBy, Tscarin at the English Language Wikipedia.

640px-Black_squirrel Tscarin at the english language wikipediaBy, D. Gordon E. Robinson, WC.

640px-Eastern_Grey_Squirrel-black D GOrdon E Robinson WCThis last picture has the caption, Rabitty and Black Squirrel, (also carrot related)  by, EIC, WC.

640px-Rabitty-and-black-squirrel_(also-carrot-related EIC WC)