It seems that every plant on the planet has a name. Not names I can pronounce, but names nonetheless.
It is a dreary time of year here. The trees are bare and the ground is brown. I went looking for some color to brighten the day.
I found pictures of plants that aren’t identified. The category of plant is known, but the specific kind of plant isn’t known by the photographer. Or me.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

By, Benuzer Haplochromis.

Blüten_aus_Ecuador benuzer Haplochromis WCBy, Froth82.

Growing_tree_fern Froth82 WCBy, Bob Blayblock.

450px-20110326_162942_Moss Bob Blayblock WCBy ForestWanderer.

320px-Spring-Wild-Azalea_ForestWander WCBy, Eggeged.

293px-Brisbane's_flowers Eggeged WCBy, Tony Hisgett from Birmingham, UK.

Blue_Flower_(3356623815)Tony Hisgett from Birmingnam UK WCBy, David L. Layton.

489px-Commelina_fluviatilis_Faden_et_al_96_510_Tanzania David L Layton WCThis last picture is by Valentina25.

Beautiful_Blue_Flower Valentina25 WC