The desert lynx is also called caracal caracal. In truth, I found out that caracal caracal is a desert lynx. I’ll stick with desert lynx.
The Desert Lynx is a mid size cat. Mr. Desert Lynx weighs in under 50 lbs.
The fur on the bodies of these cats is all one color with no markings. They also have tufts on the tops of their ears.
When it comes to any wild cat, you don’t want to be bothering them.

All the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The Map. This map shows where the desert lynx lives in Africa and Asia. It’s by Cagdasbas.

Caracal_caracal_dagilim Cagdasbas WCBy, Nick and Mellisa Baker in the Serengeti. This desert lynx is going for dinner.

Caracal_hunting_in_the_serengeti Nick and Melissa Baker WCBy, Quadell. At the Cincinnati Zoo, in the state of Ohio.

Caracal_caracal_Cincinnati_Zoo Quadell WCBy the Gary M. Stolz, US Forest Service.

Caracal US FS Gary M StoltzBy, Silvia Tanaka.

640px-Caracal_caracal Silvio Tanaka WCBy, Van 3000 from Belgium, United Tribes of Europe. There is a character in front of the author’s name that I can’t type on this keyboard.

464px-Caracal001 Van 3000 from belgium united tribes ov europe WCBy, Leo za1.

Caracal_Caracal-001 Leo za1 WCBy, Aaron Logan.

Lightmatter_caracal Aaron Logan WCThis last picture is by, Kristian Thy from Copenhagen, Denmark.

399px-Caracal_kitten Kristian Thy from Copenhagen Denmark WC