An ox is a boy cow. They are big boy cows. Oxen are known to be steady, calm and strong. In teams of two yoked together, then can pull heavy loads.
I thought about oxen because tomorrow we’re going to be on the Oregon Trail in Idaho. The oxen were life saving on that part of the journey. They kept going and without them, the travelers wouldn’t have been able to haul their belonging to their new homes.

The pictures from Wikimedia Commons, I’ll label as WC.

This picture was taken in Costa Rica  by, Carlos Henriques, English Wikipedia.

400px-CostaRicanOxen Carlos Henriques en wikiOxen hauling cedar  by, Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, Australia. Cedar is a type of wood, in the form of logs from cedar trees.

Hauling_Cedar_on_the_Manning_(3369188349)  Powerhouse Museum Sydney au WCOxen helping a farmer to plow his field  by, Grsd, WC.

Mos-braganca-junta-arando Garsd WCTenerife oxen  by, Pamela Heywood from Buenavista del Norte Spain, WC.

640px-Tenerife_oxen_driving Pamela Heywood from Buenavista  del NorteSpain WCThe next two pictures show the oxen with their yokes.

By, Michael Cubertson from Urbana Illinois, USA, WC.

460px-Yoke_of_Oxen_and_Driver Michael Culbertson Urbana Illinois WCBY, Paoli Ratamal, WC.

Bueyes_(carahue) Paoli Retamal WCThis last picture if of tilling the river bank  by, Robert Coghlan, Adelaide, Australia, WC.

Tilling_the_River_Bank_(8412674420) Robert Coghlan Adelaide Au WC