I am going to show highlights of the Oregon Trail in Idaho. To do it step by step, following the trail is mind numbing. I am showing you the reasons that Idaho was, for the travelers, an endurance test.

There is a place along the Oregon Trail called Massacre Rock. The travelers that I am following were there before the battle. It was difficult land to travel.

The pictures from Wikimedia Commons, I will label as WC.

These are two pictures of the Massacre Rock area  by, Decumanus, English Wikimedia.

DSCN6342_massacrerocksboulders_e Decumumanus en wikiDSCN6331_emigranttrailnearmassacrerocksdecumanis en wikiThis picture by National Park Service shows the split of the California trail from the Oregon Trail.

CaliforniaTrail_2 and OT npsAnother area of rough ground was Devil’s Gate  by, Decumanus, English Wikipedia.

DSCN6343_devilsgateidaho_e Decumanus en wikiThe Oregon Trail followed Snake River as much as possible.

By, Bureau of Land Management.

oregon_trail.Par.55233.Image.300.205.1.gif se idaho BLMThis is a map of Snake River by, Kmusser, WC.

Snake_watershed KMusser WCA quiet section of Snake River by, Glysiak, WC.

640px-Snake_River_before_Boise Glysiak WC

This is a picture of Shoshone Falls on Snake River. The caption says 1898. No author name, WC.


This is a map of the Snake River Plain  by, Metrodyne, English Wikipedia.

640px-SRPncw Idaho snake river plain Metrodyne en wikiA picture of Snake River Plain  by, Staplegunther, English Wikipedia.

Open_Snake_River_Plain_near_Boise Staplegunther en wikiIn the hot dry regions, there was the dust that made life miserable. They walked behind the wagons to prevent being run over. The dust from the Oxen, wagon wheels and wagons in front of them meant that every nook and cranny was covered with dust.

A dust storm, no name of the author, form WC.

SkyDustStorm WCA recent dust storm in Boise, Idaho  by, Staplegunther, English Wikipedia.

800px-Boise_Idaho_dust_devil Staplegunther en wikiThis dust storm was in Ransom Canyon, Texas, but shows the dust rolling in  by, Leaflet, WC.

640px-Haboob_Ransom_Canyon_Texas_2009 Leaflet WCThis is a picture of a dust devil  by, NASA.

450px-Dust_devil NASABad weather was frightening. These are two pictures of lightning. The first is cloud to cloud lightning  by, historicair, WC.

Lightning_in_Haute-Savoie,_France historicair WCStreak lightning  by, Lyoha123, WC.

399px-Lightning_in_Zdolbuniv Lyoha123 WCThe next pictures are of landmarks along the trail.

Register Rock got its name from the travels writing their names on it as they passed. It is protected now, to keep it from being ruined by the elements.


REGISTER_ROCK JERRYE AND ROy Klotz MDThis is Three Island Crossing by Byways, US government.

Main_Oregon_Trail_ID_s BywaysThis is a map of Salmon River which was also crossed  by, Pfly, WC.

607px-Salmon_River_Idaho_Map Pfly WCThis is a picture of the Salmon River  by, Robbiegiles, WC.

Salmon-river-1 Robbigiles en wikiThese are pictures of Salmon Falls Creek  by, Bureau of Land Management.

Salmon_falls_creek_idaho BLMSalmon_Falls_Creek_Canyon BLMThis is Lower Salmon Falls  by, Bureau of Land management.

Lower_salmon_falls_creek BLMThis is a picture of Hot Springs Creek  by, Byways.org, US Government.

Hot_Springs_Creek_s BywaysBrown Creek Inscription Rock, where the travelers left messages  by, Byways.org, US Government.

Brown_Creek_Inscriptions_s BywaysThis is Bonneville Point. I don’t know who took the picture.

pic-3-Bonneville-Point-view-from-pointThe last picture is of Brownlee Ferry in the Boise Basin. John Brownlee ran the ferry. The picture is a recent one  by. US Army Corps of Engineers.

Brownlee John Brownlee ferry OT boise basin US ace