The northeast US had a blizzard in some areas yesterday. The path of the storm was irregular. The state of Connecticut is closed this morning. They had two to three feet of snow. On the shoreline, there were 82 mile per hour winds.

Arctic foxes are white in the winter and brown in the summer. They are small and have very thick fur. They can withstand extreme cold.

This map shows where the arctic fox lives. It is from Wikimedia Commons and no name for the author.

Distribution_arctic_fox No author name WCThese two picture show the arctic fox with his summer coat.

By, A. Sowles, Wikimedia Commons.

640px-Alopex_lagopus_summer_coat A. Sowles WCBy, V. B. Sheffer, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Alopex_lagopus_standing_on_seaside USFWS V B ShefferThis picture is of an arctic fox in July  by, Ltshears, Wikimedia Commons.

Arctic_Fox_001 Ltshears WCAn arctic fox asleep  by, Rama, Wikimedia Commons.

640px-Alopex_lagopus_IMG_9019 Rama WCThe next two pictures are arctic foxes in their winter coats  by, Ansgar Walk, Wikimedia Commons.

615px-Polarfuchs_1_2004-11-17 Ansgar Walk WC631px-Arctic_Fox_1997-08-05 Ansgar Walk WCThis last picture is also an arctic fox in his winter coat  by, Keith Morehouse, US Fish and Wildlife Service.

640px-Alopex_lagopus_coiled_up_in_snow Keith Morehouse US fws