I have different kinds of pictures to show you.
I didn’t find any public domain pictures of the huge east US blizzard.

I did find these two pictures from NASA that show how big the storm was and how it moved up the coast.
The first picture was taken on 2/8/13. The second picture 2/9/13.

725581main_GOES_storm_0208_800-600 2 8 NASA725748main_noreaster_4x3_800-600 2 9NASAAlso from NASA, some picture of the Mars Science Laboratory, Curiosity has been drilling Martian Rock.
The pictures may seem, so what? but it’s taken on Mars and we’ll learn what the rocks are made of.

BCiLHf7CYAIt7Cl C drillingproxy C drillingThis picture is of Curiosity using her night light.

721685main_mahli_at_night_360This is a self portrait made up of multiple images  by, Curiosity.

proxy bigger selfie CFrom Pacific Islands National Park, a picture of a sunken ship. It is off the coast of Guam.BCix5gGCcAAEZ9w pacific islans guamThis last picture is of Mendenhall Glacier in the state of Alaska and was taken by the US Forest Service which is part of the US Department of Agriculture.

BCTCZYACcAE2wkv Mendenhall Glacier USFS