Moss can show up in odd places. A surface with white stones had moss on it from the draining water of an air conditioner. It seemed to come out of nowhere.
Moss isn’t fussy about where it grows. It takes hold and keeps going. It can be underneath trees on lawns and some people just don’t like that at all. There are a lot of different kinds of moss.
The moss in these pictures From Wikimedia Commons has no name.

By, Ji – Elle.

Défilé_de_Straiture-Glacière_(1) Ji Elle WCBy, Jonathan Billinger. Jonathan Billinger WCBy, Mike aus dem Bayerwald.

320px-Moos333 Mike aus dem Bayerwald WCMoss in Iceland  by, Christian Bickel.

Moss_(Iceland)_02 Christian Bickel WCBy, Nicholas A. Tonelli from Pennsylvania, USA.

Flickr_-_Nicholas_T_-_Overlain Nicholas A. Tonelli from Pennsyvania USA WCThis last picture is by, Kate Ter Haar from Cedarville, MI, USA. Her cation: A rolling stone gathers no moss.

360px-A_Rolling_Stone_Gathers_No_Moss Kate Ter Haar from Cedarville MI USA WC