I have read a bit about wild boars and what I learned wasn’t pretty. They are considered invasive in some areas of the US. They hang around with each other and so you might see a lot of them at one time.
To say that they are a garden pest is understating their ability to destroy just about anything in their path.
Wild boars are descended from domestic pigs.
A cautious note, don’t you ever be bothering them. Stay away.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The Map  by, Altalleopard.

The green areas show where they are considered to be native. The blue areas show where they were introduced. I do know that in the US, there are more areas where the wild boars live.

Sus_scrofa_range_map Altaileopard WCBy, Petr Kratocvil.

400px-Wild_boar_on_grass Petr Kratocvil WCBy, Monto.

sm  Monto wild boarsA piglet in Netherlands  by, Sander van der Wel.

640px-Sus_scrofa_piglet Sander van der Wel WC  NetherlandsYoung wild boar  by, Michael Gabler. There’s an umlaut over the a after the G. Don’t know how to do that.

640px-Young_wild_boar Lg Michael Gabler WCWild Boars are most at home in mud.

By, Richard Bartz, Munich.

Wild_Boar_Habitat_quadrat Richard Bartz, Munich WCThis last picture is by Michael Gabler.

sm michael gabler boar