Takins are related to the Muskox. They are a kind of large goat. You can see them in zoos and on preserves.
They are found in the Himalayan region.
They aren’t known to bother anyone. I wouldn’t try to get near one just to find out if that’s true or not.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

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800px-Takin-world-mapBy, KCZooFan.

Takin_2 LIncoln park zoo KCZoofan WCBy, LTshears.

437px-Sichuan_Takin_086 LTshears WCYoung Takins  by, Dirk.

320px-063_-_Baby_Takin_(Thimphu) Dirk WCBy, Alina Zienowicz.

320px-Takin_(Budorcas_taxicolor)-_Miejski_Ogród_Zoologiczny_w_Warszawie Alina Zienowicz WCBy, Stephen Shephard.

320px-Takin,_Thimphu_mini-zoo Stephen Shephard WCBy, Thomas Wanhoff.

320px-Takin1 Thomas Wanhoff WCThis last picture is by Jason Pratt.

431px-Takin_in_San_Diego_Zoo Jason Pratt WC