This past Friday there were three events up in the sky. The first was the huge meteor that sped to Earth above the Ural Mountains in Chelyabinsk, Russia. This meteor exploded, I guess you could say, high above the ground. The shock wave from that was intense. It broke a huge number of windows and cause a lot of damage.
This is the only public domain picture I could find. I may find some at a later date and put them in a post at that time.

From NASA.

728155main1_meteor_map-673There also a reported even over the state of California in San Fransisco. It was a very bright white something that moved across the sky.  I don’t have a picture.

The expected event was the asteroid. It sailed past the Earth and didn’t cause any harm. They said it went below the GPS satellites

From NASA.

A drawing of the asteroid.

724614main_Da14-Eyes-673A diagram of the path of the asteroid.

724283main1_asteroid20130201-673The asteroid flying by.

proxy asteroid, NASAThursday was Valentines Day.
Here is a picture of a heart in space.

727304main_heart_cropped_346-260 NASA V dayFrom the International Space Station.

BDDpoYFCYAEBDjN Iss Ron Garen atol heartFrom NOAA.

proxy heart cloud NOAAThis is the last picture.

proxy Banff Ntl Park