A few days ago I read that purple martins chased squirrels when they felt like it. Now, that was interesting to me. That meant these birds had speed in flight and could make sudden turns.
Purple martins are able to start out high in the sky, head down with their wings closed and land perfectly. That’s talent.
Purple martins are members of the swallow family.

All the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons. Except for the one I will label.

320px-Purple_Martin_RWD2 Dick Daniels WCBy, Shanthanu Bhardwai.

480px-Progne_subis_-Chicago,_USA_-female-8 Shanthanu Bhardwaj WCBy, Dendroica cerulea from United States. This is a fancy nesting box.

450px-Progne_subis_-Cape_May_Point,_New_Jersey,_USA_-nestboxes-8 Dendroica cerulea from united statesBy, US Army Corps of Engineers.

640px-Purple_Martins_Oregon USACEBy, Searchmedia from Tuscan, Arizona, USA.

Searchnet Media from Tuscan Arizona USA WCBy, JJ Cadiz.

400px-PurpleMartin_cajay JJ Cadiz WCThis last picture is by Dori.

320px-Purple_Martin_6870 Dori WC