Public lands have rangers that take interesting pictures. I found some that were also beautiful.

These first two pictures are from the US Department of the Interior. The first one looks almost unreal. These are part of the Rocky Mountains.

BC8Fga6CQAQAosu Dept Int Sunrise RockysThis is Crater lake in the state of Oregon.

BDPbWjvCcAANx4z Crater Lake, interThis is from the Alaska Forest Service.

alasaka fsFrom Fort Pulaski in the state of Georgia. Bald Eagle.BDPgpvQCEAA9UIz  Fort Pulaski NP At Banff National Park in Canada, they closed down the ski slopes because the lynx were out and about. This is a ski trail.

proxy Banff lynxThis last picture is from Pecos National Park in the state of New Mexico. It’s a mule deer.