The formal name of this owl is asio otus. There are 67 varieties of asio owls.
The common name of this owl is Long Eared Owl.
These owls are found in a lot of places around the world.
There are 200 types of owls. Recently, there has been a new type of owl found on an island in Indonesia. It seems that this owl is only on that island. They discovered the new owl by the sound of his call. I didn’t find any pictures of this owl yet.
Now. there are 201 types of owls.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons. None of the owls seemed to mind having their picture taken.

By, user:snowyowl.

375px-Long_ear_owl_shandong user snowyowl WCBy, de user:Sascha Posner.

Waldohreule_in_freier_Wildbahn de user Sascha Posner WCBy Aleksey Gnilenkov.

Aleksey Gnilenkoz WCThese are two picture of young owls before they have their mature feathers.

By, Tom Maack.

399px-Long_eared_owl_young_gfdl Tom Maack WCBy, Pimik.

400px-Noor_kõrvukräts_tervenisti Pimik WCA parliament of owls  by, Stebunk.

2011I30_Muzlja_P1301224_bowls Stebunik WCThis last picture is by de Benuzer BS Thurner Hof.

249px-Asio_otu_2 Benuzer BS Thurner Hof WC