Today, in the Central Plains States of the US, they are having a major blizzard. They had one a week ago. The weather services have said that this one will be larger than the last one. They got a foot of snow last week.
I hope everyone stays safe.
I found a map by the US Department of Agriculture showing the Central Plains. I had to wipe out the rest of the states and name the Central Plains to show where the blizzard is taking place.

Sorghum_500x348 USDA state namesThe Allegheny Mountains are a part of the Appalachian Mountain System.
The pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The Maps.

This map is the Appalachian Mountain System. It goes into to Canada at the north end and the state of Georgia at the south end.

By, Lanma726.

AppalachianLocatorMap2 Lanma726 en wikiThis is a map of the US states by the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency. I drew a light blue line around West Virginia and Pennsylvania, where the Allegheny Mountains are located.

us_map EPA PA and WVAThis map shows the Allegheny Mountains. It is based on a USDA map and modified by Kmusser. The Allegheny Mountains are purple.

Cumberlandplateaumap USGS map KMusser WCThis is Cheat Creak in Coopers Rock State Forest in the state of West Virginia  by, Brian M. Powell.

640px-Coopers_Rock_State_Forest Brian M Powel WCAlso by Brian M. Powell, a picture of Shenandoah Mountain in the states of West Virginia and Virginia.

640px-Shenandoah_Mountain_-_High_Knob Brian M Powel WC WV VDolly Sods in the state of West Virginia  by, Valerius Tygart.

640px-DollySods1 Tygart WC WVThe last three pictures are from the state of Pennsylvania.
The first two pictures were taken by Nicholas A. Tonelli from Pennsylvania, USA.

Loyalsock State Forest. The author wrote that it was very cold and windy. Miserable weather and he couldn’t use a tripod.

623px-Loyalsock_State_Forest PA Nicholas from PANorth Mountain.

Flickr_-_Nicholas_T_-_North_Mountain N A Tonneli PAThis last picture is of Wills Mountain at night  by, Jim Stuby.

Wills_Mtn_night PA Bedford Jim Stuby WC