Rock Ptarmigan are part of the Grouse family. They are also a group of birds in the order Galliformes. Chickens are in that order as well.
This means that they are heavy bodied birds and ground feeders.
Rock Ptarmigan are around 13 to 14 inches long. They have a wing span of 21 to 24 inches.
In the winter, they have white feathers. In the warm months, they have  black markings. They have feathered legs and toes.
They live in temperate climates. You won’t see them hanging around arctic areas. And certainly not in Antarctica.

All the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons, except for the last picture.

In winter  by, Boaworm.

480px-Lagopus_muta_Iceland_Snaefellsnes_April_2012 Boaworm winter WCWinter  by, Jasper.

proxy Ptarmigan winter Jasper NPThe next five pictures were taken by alpsdake.


Rock_Ptarmigan_in_Mount_kamikochi_in_2003-11-23 Alpsdake WCIn warmer months.

640px-Rock_Ptarmigan_family Alpsdake WCYoungsters

576px-Lagopus_muta_japonica_juvenile Alpsdake WC640px-Rock_Ptarmigan_in_Mount_Akaishi_1994-7-30 alpsdake WC Japan640px-Ptarmigan_Raicyou_in_Arakawadake_Mother_and_child_1994_7_29 Alpsdake WCThis last picture is by US Fish and Wildlife Service.

Evermann's_Rock_Ptarmigan_in_flight US FWS