558218main_Voyager_spacecraft_800-600Voyager 1 and 2 are identical twin spacecraft. They are probes, which means they gather data and send it back to Earth.
Their mission was to gather information about the outer planets.

There is confusion over why Voyager 2 launched before Voyager 1.
The reason is because Voyager 1 was to go on a different flight path from Voyager 2.
They had to launch each of them when the planets were in the right place in relation to the Earth and the spacecrafts would go where they were they were supposed to go.
Both spacecraft were launched from Cape Canaveral in the state of Florida.

All the pictures are from JPL and NASA.

This is a diagram of the Titan IIIE Centaur rocket that launched the twins. If you want a more complicated explanation, you are on your own.

800px-TitanIIIE_booster Andrew J Stofan NASA

This is a picture of the Titan IIIE Centaur at the launchpad after ignition.


On August 20, 1977, Voyager 2 was launched.

Voyager2 launchOn September 5, 1977, Voyager 1 was launched.

voyager-launch-1977 1These are three diagrams of the different flight paths.

Voyager 2.

Voyager_2_path.svgVoyager 1.

500px-Tour-v1-2.svgBoth flight paths.

500px-Voyager_Path.svgThis is picture of the mission.

slide1 Launch VThis is a diagram of what’s included in the Voyager spacecraft. I couldn’t find one with clearer text. You kind of have to peer at it.

bsf9-2c V diagramA famous aspect to the mission was the gold record. This had recorded sounds and pictures from Earth. It was for just in case either Voyager found alien life in space.  The record was put on both spacecraft.
There was a song by Chuck Berry and the running joke was when the aliens heard it, they sent a message to Earth, Send more Chuck Berry.

The gold record.

540485main_pia14113-43_800-600 chuck berryAttaching the record to Voyager 1.

755px-Record_is_attached_to_Voyager_1This is a picture of the Voyager assembly.

article-0-0F13997A00000578-897_634x741 voyager assemblyThe tour of the outer planets.


voyager-2-jupiterJupiter’s red spot.

633px-Great_Red_Spot_From_Voyager_1A picture of Jupiter and moons.

slide2 V JupiterSaturn

Saturn800px-Vg1_p23254_hires Saturn V 1Saturn, moons and a close up of part of the rings.

slide3 V SatUranus

20120626193347!Uranus_from_Voyager_2Uranus, different views and a bit of a moon.

slide4 V UranusNeptune
In the second picture, I’m not sure what’s what. It’s pretty and so I wanted to show it to you.

neptune_gdsslide5 V2 NeptuneRecently, Voyager 1 made news. She was close to what is called the Heliopause. It is considered the boundary between , I’ll call it inner and outer space. She is beyond the solar system, but not yet way out there.

This is a diagram of the location of Voyager 1 on February 8, 2012.

Voy1_8feb2012 V1 above feb 8 2012This last picture is an artists drawing of Voyager.

voyager_480x320 1