320px-Namibie_Etosha_Girafe_01 GIRAUD Patrick WC

By, GIRAUD Patrick Wikimedia Commons


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By, Nejmlez, Wikimedia Commons

I don’t have much to say about giraffes. I have seen them at zoos and they are, in a word, amazing.
I read that they are the largest mammal. I am not sure if this included whales in the oceans. The whales seem to be larger. On land, giraffes are the largest.
Mr. Giraffes is about 16 to 20 feet tall and weighs in at around 3,500 pounds. Ms. Giraffe weighs in at about 1,800 pounds.

All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons. Except for the first one.

By, unnisworld, English Wikipedia.

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The next two pictures are by, Broken Inaglory.

640px-IMG_5537_giraff_portrait Broken Inaglory WC544px-Giraffes_IMG_9614 Broken Inaglory WCBy, Bev Stokes from Davis, CA, USA. With a zebra.

450px-Seattle-giraffe4 Bevs Sypkes from Davis CA USA WCBy, GTBaccus.

GiraffeRunning GTBaccus WCThe last three pictures were taken at the Louisville Zoo in the state of Kentucky  by, Ltshears.

BabyMasaiGiraffe1 louisville zoo Ltshears WC400px-Masai_Giraffe_by_Trisha_5 Ltshears WCMasai_Giraffe_Laying_057 Ltshears WC