The Grand Canyon has a lot of aspects to it. The waterfalls are one that are lovely to listen to and look at.
The amount of rainfall makes a difference on how much water is flowing at the waterfalls.
The Grand Canyon is looked after by the National Park Service.
I will put WC for Wikimedia Commons and EW for English Wikipedia.

This is an Environmental Protection Agency US map of the states. I put a black X on the state of Arizona where the Grand Canyon is located. Arizona is bright pink and is at the bottom left of the map.

us_map EPA AZAt Elves Chasm  by, Jigzilla, WC.

450px-A.B._at_elves_chasm Jigzila en wikiUpper Rock Falls  by, Gonzo fan2007, WC. The caption said that it was very difficult to get to this spot to take the picture.

640px-Upper_rock_falls Gonzo fan2997

Mooney Falls  by, Chris Miller, EW.

450px-Mooney_Falls,_Arizona,_2006 Chris Miller en wiki, Ostrich

Navajo Falls  by, Robertbody, EW.

2008-04-05-hav-navajo-0210 Robertbody en wikiLower Ribbon Falls  by, Kaufman11, WC.

450px-LowerRibbonFalls2005 KkAUFMAN11 wcLower Rock Falls  by, Gonzo fan2007, WC.

640px-Lower_rock_falls Gonzo fan2007 WCThese next two pictures are of Beaver Falls.

By, Gonzofan2007, WC.

Beaver_falls Gonzo fan2007 WCBy, Robertbody, EW.

2008-04-05-hav-beaver0890 Robertbody en wikiThe last two pictures are Hayasu Falls.

By, Chris Miller, EW.

640px-Havasu_Falls_May_30th,_2006 Ostrich nOise en wikiBy Gonzo fan2007, WC.

New_havasu_falls Gonzo fan 2007 WC