The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is named after Queen Victoria. This bird has earned its royal name on looks alone.
The Victoria Crowned Pigeon is about 25 to 30 inches long and weighs in at around 5 pounds. Not a big bird, but noticeable.
They eat off of the ground. They don’t fly up into the air for food.
The Victoria Crowned Pigeons hail from New Guinea.

All the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The Maps.

The first map is a world map is modified by Rodrigocd. You can see New Guinea above Australia. The second map will make the location easier to spot. I didn’t want to draw on this map because it is so lovely. Australia is on the lower right.

Earthmap1000x500compac jimht at shaw ca modified by Rodrigocd WCThe red areas show where the Victorian Crowned Pigeon resides. By, Nrg800.

613px-Southern_Crowned_Pigeon Nrg800 WCThis picture was taken at Isfahan’s Birds’ Garden  by, Professional Assassin.

640px-Two_Goura_Victorias_in_Isfahan's_birds'_garden Professional Assasin WCThe next three pictures are by Dick Daniels at

Victoria_Crowned_Pigeon_RWD2 Dick Daniels WC640px-Victoria_Crowned_Pigeon_RWD3 Dick Daniels WC640px-Victoria_Crowned_Pigeon_RWD4 Dick Daniels WCThe last two pictures are taken at the Bristol Zoo, Bristol, England  by Arpingstone.

418px-Bristol.zoo.victoria.crowned.pigeon.arp Arpingstone WCVictoria_Crowned_Pigeon_at_Bristol_Zoo_-_Bristol_-_England Arpingstone WC