The Southern Crowned Pigeon is related to the Victoria Crowned Pigeon.
They are about 25 to 30 inches long and have a weight of around 5 pounds.
These birds are ground feeders.
They are native to New Guinea.
All of the pictures are from Wikimedia Commons.

The Maps.

A world map modified by, Rodrigocd. New Guinea is above Australia. Australia is on the bottom right of the map.

Earthmap1000x500compac jimht at shaw ca modified by Rodrigocd WCThis map shows the areas that the Southern Crowned Pigeon lives in.  BY, Nrg800.

613px-Southern_Crowned_Pigeon Nrg800 WCBy, arthur chapman.

Goura_scheepmakeri_(Southern_Crowned-Pigeon) authur chapman WCBy, Hans Hillewaert.

Goura_scheepmakeri Hans Hillewaert WCBy, Ryan E. Poplin.

640px-Zoo_Bird_8 Ryan E Poplin WCBy, Persian Dutch Network.

Southern_Crowned_Pigeon_in_Artis,_2006  Persian Dutch Network WCBy, Editor5807.

Southern_Crowned_Pigeon_at_Amazon_World_Zoo Editor 5807 WCThis last picture is by, Pbrundel.

Scheepmakers_Kroonduif,_Southern_Crowned_Pigeon,_Goura_scheepmakeri,_Diergaarde_Blijdorp,_Rotterdam,_december_2007 Pbrundel WC